Residential Electrical Services

Commercial Electrical Services

Industrial Electrical Services

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Residential Service

Our team of professional electricians will take care of all residential needs including emergencies, small home repairs and large construction projects!

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Commericial Service

We provide complete repair and installation services for all electrical and communication systems regardless of size or complexity.

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Industrial Service

Experience teaches us what does and does not work and how we can improve quality as well as performance within a timely manner.

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Welcome to E-Care Electrical Services!

We provide electrical contracting for all facets of residential, industrial and commercial wiring. We also perform electrical service work and electrical maintenance. Our contract based projects are either plan & specifications or design/build. Typically, the electrical work we do includes installation and maintenance of normal building AC wiring (power and lighting), standby generator systems, and low voltage systems (fire alarm, data networking, temperature control, etc.)